Shoe Review- Best Baby and Toddler Shoes for 2019

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“Shoes! Let’s get some shoes.” Is all I could think of as I started writing this blog post at midnight while eating a tortilla and hummus (Please…Please! Let someone get my reference). *warning- If you have not seen it before, there is cursing in the video link*

After trying out a ridiculous amount of shoes on my son, I finally made peace with the fact that he has chubby feet. They were and still are the cutest feet that I have ever seen, but it made dressing them very difficult.

Here is my best shoe rankings for 2019, I hope this will spare you the frustration and exhaustion of shoe searching.

*Disclaimer* None of these links are affiliate links and I do not receive any sort of incentive to talk about these products. The shoes on this list I have bought with my own money.

Summer Shoes

These sandals were a lifesaver. I ended up buying 4 pairs to rotate through all summer. Dante was able to walk well in them, and they have full toe coverage to protect his tiny tootsies. If your baby has a hard time fitting in shoes, these are adjustable and accommodate a chubby foot. For easy clean up they are also washing machine friendly. If you follow our Instagram you’ve seen Dante wear these ALL the time.

Here are my favorite water shoes from i play.

Indoor Shoes

This stretch panel sneaker from Child Bud is best for both outdoor and indoor activities. It’s also fits all types of feet. I love that they are breathe able and the sole extends over the toes for additional stability. Here’s another option from Amazon.

Non Slip Soft Sole Shoes – These shoes are best for infants that are starting to pull to stand and taking their first steps.


Carters Stretch sneaker with breathe able mesh panel– My favorite sneakers! The mesh panels help to keep baby feet cool and the elastic laces allow for extra room on the top of the foot.


Stride Rite SRTech Garett Boot– Both roomy and comfortable on your baby’s feet. Features a memory foam foot bed and elastic laces for a comfortable fit. It also comes in a wide option. This boot has been perfect for the colder months here in Boston.

Adjustable Velcro Booties for infants– Dante wore these every day last year in the winter. They have a fully adjustable velcro closure so they can fit any size ankle.

I hope these suggestions help you out on the daunting quest we parents lovingly call baby shoe shopping.

Stay Resilient.

<3 Mika

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