3 Easy Ways for Moms to Recharge in the New Year

Its another year already and we have even entered a new decade. Wow! In the frenzy that we lovingly call motherhood it can feel like you are spinning your wheels at a red light with no traction to get you moving. Today I wanted to share three easy steps to get you on a positive track in 2020. You will face the new decade recharged and less stressed.

Journal- Meditate- Pray

The most effective ways to diffuse your anxiety and exhaustion look different for everyone. There are many factors from comfort level to religion that will determine which method is best for you. The goal here is to create a mental space for yourself where you are able to shed all the baggage of your day and just be present. The need to be in an airy and peaceful place – even if it’s only five minutes a day. It is imperative you carve out time to journal, meditate, or pray each day. You will be surprised by how recharged you will feel. I have included our free downloadable journal (designed by yours truly) to get you started today.

Download our free daily journal below!

Know your Limits – Set Boundaries

Trying to accomplish everything on your own doesn’t work well for anyone… Not even those mythical super moms you hear about. You know yourself better than anyone else. Make sure you are setting healthy limits for you and your children. Say no to others when you need to. Remember if you aren’t healthy and taking care of yourself, you can’t take care of your kiddos.

My two cents: I had a scary day two weekends ago. My husband was on call at the hospital all day and couldn’t leave. This is pretty normal in the life of a resident and I am the full time caretaker at home when he’s on call. However, this day I was feeling ill. I had caught the same stomach virus that my son had earlier in the week. I was not rested and the nausea hit me like a truck. Our closest family lives 6 hours away, and all of my friends were out of the area for Christmas, so I was alone. It was a terrifying day trying to take care of my toddler when I couldn’t even take care of myself. I struggled to stay conscious and make hourly calls to my mother so she knew not to call 911. If I had taken better care of myself, I might not have been in that situation.

It is always best to have a “what if” plan in place. Make sure you have an emergency contact person as well as emergency babysitting/ nanny. There are many sites that are accredited and offer those services. Care.com is one of them.

Take a Moment

If you feel yourself ready to burst, or you are at the cliff of an extreme mood shift, take a moment. Safely step back and gather yourself. If your newborn is in a screaming marathon and you are feeling overwhelmed, put them safely in their crib. Take a few moments to breathe and calm yourself before picking them back up to soothe them. The same method can be applied to toddler outbursts as well as work life moments. Make sure your child is safe, take a step back and collect yourself. You could also recite a mantra or powerful affirmations to help you calm your nerves.

It isn’t easy, I get frustrated and overwhelmed on a daily basis. I hate to admit that I have plenty of moments where I raise my voice when I should really take a pause and calm down. These steps are something that I am always working on.

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Stay Resilient 💕 Mika

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