April Mom of the Month- Lisa

Lisa and her two sons

Amidst the change and uncertainty that is our world today, it’s uplifting to continue celebrating inspiring moms monthly. We’re already in April and spring has definitely sprung! Even if your seasonal view is limited by stay at home orders and medical masks, I hope the blooming of the season inspires you. It is with the greatest pleasure I introduce our April Mom of the Month- Lisa!

Family Vacation 😄

About Lisa

Lisa and her family live in western New York.  She has been married to her husband Paul for almost 25 years! Together they are raising 2 incredible young men, one a junior in high school, the other is a senior in college. She is also the proud parent of 3 awesome “fur kids” – two cats that are the matriarchs of the pets and one very rambunctious puppy. 

Her major interests are focused around supporting her kids. She is the biggest fan of both who are accomplished athletes in ice hockey.  She considers herself an amateur photographer and loves to start DIY projects from Pinterest with many going unfinished. 😅😁  She also is interested in banking, which has been her career for the past 30++ years.

Q &A:

Q: Is there a particular routine that your family has which works really well for everyone? 

At this point our family really doesn’t have a set routine – but it works for us given the age of our children.  As the kids grew older, our routines where based more around their activities – we spent a lot of time “dividing and conquering” to be at hockey rinks and soccer fields all at the same time.

When they were younger, we had more of a routine based around ensuring homework was completed and checked; doing as much as possible the night before to lessen the stress of getting out the door the next morning.  

Q. What is the most unique situation you have been in which has made you proud as a mom? 

Over the years my children have given me lots of proud moments from recognition at school to winning state hockey championships.  I have to say though the proudest moments I have are when I realize what good citizens they have become. I feel that is the most important job I have is to raise good citizens.

 A few years back we got a phone call from the school principal — which admittedly my first reaction was one of concern.  We learned that our youngest son stood up for a child that was being bullied on the bus and the he was going to be recognized in the school’s “I Stand Up to Bullies” program.  My older son has made me proud with his resiliency. He never gives up and handles life’s ups and downs like someone with many more years of experience. As captain of his college hockey team, I watched him not only lead the team, but act as general manager, treasurer and coach – all while balancing his studies and working.  Bottom line, my kids have worked for every accomplishment in school and every spot on a team on their own effort without parent intervention.

Q:  If you had to pick the funniest thing your children have ever said to you what would it be?

Both of my kids have a dry sense of humor which they get from their dad.  Thinking back over the years I would have to say among the funniest things was a voicemail I received from my youngest son when he was 3 years old.  My mom was watching the kids after school and had picked up our mail. In the mail our youngest had received a birthday card from Jeffrey the Giraffe at Toys R Us.  My son could not say Jeffrey very well so that made it even more cute…but he said that “Jeffrey the Giraffe sended me a birthday card and he wants me to come to the store to spend money.”  I still have the voicemail after all these years!

A throwback photo of Lisa with her sons ❤

Q:  Where do you get your fashion style from? What brands are your favorite, and what trends do you love?  

My fashion style is fairly traditional…I love looking at Pinterest and getting ideas from people’s boards.  My mom was also pretty fashionable when she would go out, so I have formed a lot of my opinions about fashion from her.  My closet is a mix of things I have had longer than my kids are old to newer styles. The key for me is well-fitting classic pieces that stand the test of time – I am willing to pay more for those.  Trend items for me are fun…but I won’t spend a lot on them. I love the thrill of the hunt for bargains at places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I wouldn’t say I necessarily have a favorite clothing designer, but for shoes and handbags, I love Michael Kors, Coach and Kate Spade.  

Q: What is the best piece advice you can give on raising a teenager? 

Raising a teenager takes as much patience as raising a toddler.  You need to balance several aspects of your relationship – a parent that gives guidance and advice, and a friend that listens.  You also learn that at some point, they don’t think you’re that smart, or understand what they are going through. You must try not to take that personally.  You become smart again when they hit their late teens and early 20’s! It’s hard watching them grow up and become so independent but don’t worry. Whether they are 2 years old or 21, don’t mourn the stage you are losing as they grow, celebrate it and enjoy the stage you are entering.

 Q: How do you manage your kids sports travel schedules?

Both my kids play hockey in the winter and in the Spring, my older son plays baseball and my younger son plays soccer.  They play both travel leagues and for their schools, so we were always somewhere – hence no limited routines as mentioned earlier.  Over the years with both boys home, my husband and I have missed very few events, if ever. That became more challenging with my older son away at college.  We did divide and conquer a lot.  With hockey, the kids were often in different cities at the same time and we were on the road most weekends.  We would be in one city with our youngest for a game and then head out to see our older son play for his college somewhere else that night.  As hectic as it is sometimes, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The quality time spent with the kids on the weekend and the friendships made with the other parents are priceless to me.  

Q: What has been your favorite vacation/ trip you have taken with your children?

My favorite vacation was a cruise we took with the kids and my parents.  We didn’t realize it at the time, but that would be the last time we would take a trip with my mom and dad both being in good health where we all could enjoy.  I loved watching the interaction of my parents and kids exploring the ship and on the islands. Precious memories…

Q: Would you rather have steak or lobster?

Ah..both…I am a surf and turf kinda girl

Q: Where is your favorite date night spot with your husband? 

We love locally owned restaurants and pubs.  So when we do have a free night, we like to head out and have dinner and drinks and maybe catch a local band.  We’ve gotten to know a lot of the owners of these pubs over time and love feeling at home at places like that.

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