Baby Hacks for Compact City Living

My husband and I are coastal people at heart. Our dream is to live on the beach with a ton of space….But for this stage of life we live in a 2 bedroom apartment in the city. Since it can get pretty cramped with the three of us and a cat, I wanted to share some baby solutions that have saved us space (and sanity).

1- Accessory Hang Rack:

Pick up a space saving pant hanger at your local target or online and have a great solution for keeping all your little one’s accessories in order. The best part is that you can hang it right in the coat closet. No need for a basket or another bin to take up more space.

2- Diaper Changing Necessities:

Our second bedroom is a nursery, guest room, and sewing room. Yikes! Turning the back of our changing table into a diaper prep area has helped us save space and keep the little boo entertained during his diaper changes. This solution left more room in the changing drawers for clothing.

That also leads me into our next small space solution…

3- Vinyl Decals:

Creating a special nursery space for your new baby seems impossible when you are renting an apartment. While many places will let you paint and hang up shelves, most of them will also expect you to put it back the way it was before you move out. Vinyl decals are a great way around this. You can customize your nursery space without damaging your rented walls. I put the decals up in the photo myself. It wasn’t hard and they come back off without any issues.

4- Vertical Drying Space:

At first washing and drying my baby’s containers seemed manageable. It wasn’t long before every inch of my kitchen counter space was covered with drying mats of baby bottles, pacifiers, and teething toys. I spent a lot of time looking for a maximum capacity two tier drying rack, and I found this little beauty. It holds EVERYTHING, and it saves a lot of counter space.

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