Best Halloween Costume Ideas 2019

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like me, you still haven’t decided on your baby’s costume. I know I want something unique and cute, but not sure where to start.

There is also the endless dilemma of if I should make a costume myself or if I should store buy it. I always feel like I’m a cop out when I buy my sons costume from a store, because I am a fashion designer and an anime cosplayer. Last year I bought his Chewbacca onesie from Baby Gap. It was too cute to pass up! We also dressed Chungi (our cat) in a BB-8 Dog costume.

Photo evidence of Halloween 2018

This year I have decided to go the DIY route and make Dante’s costume. When I was pregnant with him I joked with my husband that if he was a little blonde haired blue eyed boy we HAD to cosplay Naruto and his parents. So, being the anime geek I am….this Halloween Dante with be dressed as Naruto, the nine tailed fox Jinchūriki. I will definitely share photos on our Instagram when Halloween rolls around. As for the family cosplay…that is still TBD. 😉

Naruto and his parents Kushina and Minato.

Top Costume Picks

Without delay, here are my favorite baby costumes of 2019. Enjoy some cute and unique costume ideas for your little one!


The cutting board is the icing on the cake


For all you Star Wars fans


Anything whales is adorbs!


A classic!


I laugh snorted when I found this one


I can’t…This so so cute I don’t even know what to do.

Ghost Buster

Who you gonna call?


That wig tho

Check out this blog of baby costume ideas– 3 years ago LA based photographer, Laura Izumikawa Choi shared photos of her daughter Joey Marie in cosplay during nap time. So cute!

For the Anime Fans

Here are the cutest baby cosplays for all my fellow anime lovers

From top to bottom: Kiki, Naruto, Levi (Attack on Titan), Vincent (Final Fantasy), and Goku (Dragonball Z)


What are some of your favorites? Don’t forget to share them with the RBP community! Happy Halloween-ing!!

Stay Resilient 😍

Love, Mika

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