Early Fall Toy Review- Which are the Best?

Toys can feel like the bane of our mom existence. I am constantly worried about if I have enough toys to keep Dante busy, followed by worrying that we have bought too many toys to fit in our apartment. It becomes a viscous cycle. I have been focusing my efforts to purchase a good balance of toys for my son.

I think about toys in 3 categories:

  • Brain building
  • Muscle & motor skill
  • Books

Books are so important and Dante often plays with books more than toys, so that is why I gave them and entire category. Oh and believe me, he has TONS of baby books.

Today I will be going over the toys and books that I currently love. These recommendations are all tried, true, and not sponsored. All of these toys I bought with my own money and we are not affiliated with the brands.

Current Favorites

Brain Building

John Deere Barnyard Shape Sorter– I love this toy because the shapes are more challenging than your average shape sorter.

Melissa and Doug Sushi Set– Not only is this freaking adorable, but Dante has tons of fun with it. The sushi pieces all Velcro together and you can slice them apart and rearrange them. (This toy is recommended for ages 3 and up, so I make sure Dante doesn’t sit and chew on the pieces- they are painted wood.)

Gecko Blocks– Found these when we went to a local toy shop on vacation. These clingy blocks are fabulous! You can build super high towers, and they also stick to windows and tiles. The gecko blocks are not sticky, and are easy to clean off.

Fisher Price Food Truck– This is a perfect size kitchen-style play set with a fun modern twist. I decided on this because it was compact and has different learning stages, so we can keep it for several years.

Muscle & Motor Skill Building

Liberty Imports Kids Hockey Stick Set– Dante is always pushing brooms, boxes, and he loves to throw balls….so this was exactly what we needed. Since my husband ordered this hockey set, Dante hasn’t stopped playing with it. He’s already mastered hitting the puck back, and it is a life saver on a rainy day.

Leap Frog Music Mat- This toy has some brain building too. It’s fun to dance on, and has a memory game function.

RC Cartoon Race Car– Our little boo is enthralled with this remote controlled car. His godfather bought it as a gift recently and he is mastering how to use it. There are only 2 directional buttons (forward and reverse in a circle) so its great for a toddler to play with.

Kidoozie Fun Time Tractor– At first I didn’t know that this tractor toy moved on its own. I was confused why there was rubber tread on the tires until Dante found the button to make it move. The animals make noise when they are put in their correct space, and it plays music. I was told at the local toy store that it has been a consistent best seller.


Usborne Books -That’s not my kitten & Peek inside the farm (Sensory and Flap Books)- Great for little boos that want to touch and feel. The peek inside series is my favorite. The illustrations are very nice, and the lift flaps are more engaging than other flap style books we’ve read.

The Watermelon Seed- Greg Pizzoli – This book is fun and colorful! It also won the 2014 Theodor Seuss Geisel award. This is a great bed time story.

The little Yellow Bee (Flap Book)- Whimsical illustrations make this lift a flap series a joy to read. It is also a board book, so you don’t have to worry about your baby ripping the flaps off the page (been there done that…very often.)

Baby Touch and Feel Books (Sensory board books) -A good way for your baby to develop their sense to touch. These books are packed with cute pictures and tons of textures to feel.

Stack the Cats– Another whimsical style book featuring bright and saturated illustrations that Dante loves. It also teaches some basic math. It’s so cute!

Not Quite Narwhal -A heartwarming story about a unicorn that is born in the sea and believes he is a Narwhal. One day he travels outside the sea and meets other unicorns.

Cliffords Animal sounds/ Clifford y los Sonidos de los Animales (Bilingual)– Dante loves to make the animal noises as we read this book. My husband and Dante are bilingual. I try to expose myself to as much Spanish as possible to continue to develop Dante’s language skills. This book is easy to read, and has text in both English and Spanish.

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Be Resilient and happy playing <3 Mika

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