Easy Eco Nursery Hacks

Recently my husband and I were researching new dressers for our son. The amount of clothing he now possesses has far surpassed the easily stored footie onesies of his infant days. Initially we were able to fit all of his things in the three drawers of his changing table. Now his clothes have been overflowing in the drawers and I don’t know the last time he fit on the changing pad on the table. We were ready to just donate the whole thing, but luckily we came up with a great idea! One that is both practical and reduces waste.

A Money Saving and Eco Solution

Our genius idea was to take the changing pad off the changing table and convert it into storage. I went out to a local home goods store to pick up a few covered storage baskets for Dante’s clothes. After much deliberation in the aisles with my tape measure, I came home with one large fabric basket. The cover zips all the way around, and has been perfect for keeping our cat out of it. Chungi (our cat) will curl up and sleep anywhere he can.

I can get all of his clothes folded in the basket without any issue (KonMari method is no joke). That gave me three other shelves to use for his diapers, blankets, and towels. The best part is that it only cost me $15! When we were looking at dressers, they were easily $80-$150. Yowza! It always feels good when you can save money and reduce your waste.

When you have a baby its hard to get the full lifetime use out of a product because they grow so fast! This is true with clothing, furniture, and toys too. Below I have given you some great ideas to keep your nursery sustainable and eco-conscious as your little boo grows up.

What can you re purpose?

What can you donate?

  • Clothing– If you are not planning on holding clothing for your next child or any family/friends that will be having children, donate them! Some local mom groups do a clothing swap where you can trade clothes with other moms in your neighborhood to get the sizes you need for the next season. It’s a great way to be sustainable.
  • Walkers/ Swings/ Bouncy Chairs– These are great items to give to a friend. Some local parks even take walkers and push toys use for the babies that play there. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

If you are a compact living/ city momma, check out our other post here!

Be You. Be Resilient. <3 Mika

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