February Mom of the Month

February Mom of the Month!

Hi everyone and welcome to February! It finally feels like we are pulling out of the cold weather up here in New England, but snow storms in this month are pretty common so…we’ll see. 🤞 While we’re all worried about purchasing Valentines gifts, making dinner reservations, and finding a babysitter, I wanted to give you a brief moment to relax and read about our featured mom of the month.

Our February mom is a fellow mom-preneur and I am eager to introduce her to you! After meeting awhile ago through social media we have stayed connected and often share with each other about our businesses and family life. She has such a warm down to earth personality and it shines in everything she creates and posts online.

Please welcome Chanchal to the mom of the month line up!👏 Uniquely in this post I am going to hand the reins over to her so she can introduce her family and creative business “PawesomeBaby.”

About Chanchal

“Hi 👋👩I’m Chanchal  I live near Seattle, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, with my husband, two huskies and a baby. I’m an IT Engineer by profession. But even more, I’m a lover of nature, hiking, gardening; and not so long ago, my first husky boy converted me to a dog lover!😁”

The whole family. (How cute is this photo?!) 😊

“Spending time with my newborn baby, Liam was the best time in life! He came 3 weeks early, on the day we had scheduled painting his nursery. I was yet to take the birthing classes at the hospital. We were so behind. But at least I had the Christmas tree up with my sister’s help, way before Thanksgiving . I told my husband Bobby that we’ll buy food and get help with cleaning the house. I’ll focus on Liam’s needs and he’ll make sure the fur-boys got their daily walks and dad/mom times.”

“I was mentally prepared to accept the challenges that were ahead of me. Motherhood was going to be me with little sleep, and I would be confined upstairs mostly in my night gown all day. I also knew I could get frustrated from not able to console my baby.”

“Thank God, it all worked out. We had friends bring food some days and Bobby and I got plenty of time as family. My dogs didn’t feel neglected either. I did have periods of feeling depressed though. I tried to fight it by spending cuddle times with the three boys and getting outside the house for walks the earliest I could. To be able to raise two huskies and a baby as one family was important to me.” 😄

Origin of PawesomeBaby

“After spending a couple of months at home with Liam and the fur-boys, a part of me was craving to do something creative. Something other than feeding, changing diapers and baby talks. That’s when I was searching for baby clothing with husky designs.

I had this desire for some time to help people understand the breed and love them for who they are (the naughty, independent and energetic breed they are). I felt deeply sorry for dogs who were abandoned or sent to shelters because someone got a pup who they didn’t take time to understand. All of a sudden, I had ideas floating in my head. “

“It was the early days of PawesomeBaby, the brand I founded to share the husky life. It started off as a baby clothing store with just onesies and blankets. Later I expanded it to a dog family gift shop and included other breeds. I got to partner with Husky Haven of FL rescue and could raise donations from the sales. I was overjoyed when they recognized me as a volunteer with a certificate in December. “

“PawesomeBaby is a reflection of my new mommy life. I hope and pray it inspires more people to see dogs as family! I hope for it to be the shop people think of when gifting someone who is considering buying a puppy or bringing home a new dog..”

Babies make the best faces 😂

Q&A with Chanchal

At what point did you know you wanted to be a mother?

I’m someone who didn’t really connect with babies or children until Liam was born. Bobby & I moved from India several years ago and spent most of our time outside work traveling and hiking together. We were in our late 20s at that time and thought we could wait to start a family. It was only when I was around 35 that I started seriously considering a change in life and have a baby. But first we got a fur baby, who taught me some aspects of being a mom – that unconditional love and patience.

Can you name one baby product you couldn’t survive without?

Muslin blankets! Liam didn’t enjoy being swaddled, but I still wrapped him in it and didn’t have to worry about him feeling too hot. They are super absorbent and also work well as a burp cloth/ bath towel. I’m more of a minimalist and wanted only the essentials for the new baby. I had a few different types and sizes of muslin blankets that I used as multi purpose cloths. Some of those I now use on my fur-boys, along with their regular towel. They work great to pat them dry after a quick paw rinse, walk in the rain, or to dry a sensitive area not suitable for blow drying. 

What is your favorite thing to do to relax? 

Take a walk with my dogs, or go for a hike. 

If you had to choose between a lifetime supply of chocolate or potato chips which would it be? 

Chocolates! Preferably, the Swiss made with some coffee. 😀

What has been the most fun part of being a mom? What has been the most challenging?

The most fun part is raising my little human with the husky boys. It’s amazing to watch each of their personalities when they are together. Bilbo is very patient with Liam and always tries to be around him. Snowy checks on him every once in a while and walks away when he wants to be left alone. But both of them come to sniff and lick him when he cries from a fall or hurts. 

The challenging part lately had been keeping the house clutter free. I think better when things are more organized and kept where they belong. Lately, I don’t get as much time to organize and Liam leaves his toys everywhere! I’m beginning to show him how he can put toys back in the bin 😊

Chanchal and Liam 💕

If you could give one piece of advice to other moms wanting to start a business what would it be? 

Join social networks and go to vendor events. You’ll get to meet other amazing moms; some are eager to help you. You’ll also find moms you connect with well. It can take some time to get the sales going, and you may need to try different audiences to see which works best for your brand.

Tell us a bit about being a part of the mom entrepreneur community- What kind of connections and support have you found in other mom business owners? 

Most moms understand other moms and can relate to you best. Some of these amazing women also become good friends (that’s how I know Mika)!  I have also gotten help with introductions on other platforms like Twitter, local vendor events, networks, etc…

What has been your most rewarding experience since you established PawesomeBaby? 

All the reviews customers leave on the products. I love reading  how each of them enjoyed it. Some notice the details of the product, and others mention how the design brings a lot of joy! It makes me so happy that my work makes someone else feel happy too. 😀

The fashion question! Is there a brand or fashion trend that you are really loving right now? 

I love the Fox Rain Baby collection! These days you see a lot of fox designs in baby clothing, but the Fox Rain design by Resilient Baby Products is so unique! It captures the playfulness of the fox very well, and it’s the way I picture a happy place for my fur-boys! 

Chungi the fox from Fox Rain (Thanks for the shout out😊)

Also, I love trench coats! I got a tan colored coat when I was pregnant and was feeling a little conscious about my appearance. I loved that I could wear my maternity clothing inside and put a coat over it and look smart. 

What is the cutest thing your son has done? 

Liam is now 14 months and every new thing he does is so cute! But one thing he started recently really stands out…The husky howl. I don’t know if he is imitating his fur-brothers or me singing along with them, but he does this cute “awooo wooo wooo” in a deep voice, lol!

A HUGE thank to Chanchal for sharing with us all about her family and starting a creative business as a mother. It was so awesome to feature her as our February M.O.M!

Check out our favorite products from PawesomeBaby

  1. For the Husky Family- Velvet Cozy Pillow- Made in the USA
  2. Diner Napkins – For the Husky Home- Set of 2, 4, or 8
  3. Organic Baby Shower Gift- Husky Onesie and Muslin Blanket

Please follow Chanchal and her business PawesomeBaby on social media! Her designs are so thoughtful and original. Plus they make beautiful gifts for all kinds of occasions. ❤

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If you have an amazing woman to nominate for M.O.M please drop us a line on the blog or social media so we can feature her!

❤ Be You. Be Resilient.

❤ Mika

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