Halloween Safety Tips for Toddlers and Kids

Halloween is such an exciting time for kids. With all the buzz around what costumes they’ll wear, and where to celebrate, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are my easy tips to keep your little ones safe and happy.

Top Tips:

Costume Safety

  1. Make it Bright– Choose bright or light colored costumes and use reflective tape wherever possible. Make sure that the fabrics used are flame retardant. Every child should have a flash light or glow sticks so they are more visible to cars and other people.
  2. Shiver” me Timbers– Be aware of the weather and make sure your costume is loose enough to fit a warm layer underneath if it’s going to be cold.
  3. Face the Facts- Costume masks can obstruct your kiddos vision, and can hinder their ability to breathe properly. Skip the mask and think about using a non toxic face paint instead.
  4. Pointy Props- Be aware of too many props or accessories on costumes. They can make it hard for your child to move around, and pointy accessories can be dangerous. Any wands, swords or weapon props should be made from flexible materials.

Heading Out

  1. In Good Company- It is always safer to head out in groups, especially if it will be dark outside. Get a group of your friends together and go out with their children too! Maybe you could even coordinate matching outfits?
  2. Ground Rules- Children under 12 should always be accompanied by an adult. Make sure you set rules down with your little ones before heading out to a party or trick-o-treating- talk about street safety and what to do in an emergency. You can even attach your address and phone number into their costume for an extra precaution in the event you get separated.
  3. Before Dark- When going out with younger children, try to trick-o-treat before it’s dark outside. It is safer, and you will have more time to divvy up the loot and enjoy your evening!

Before you Indulge

  1. Inspect- Make sure you inspect all treats for signs of damaged or undone wrappers and seals. Throw away anything that is not wrapped properly and any home made goodies. (Hard candies and nuts are a choking hazard for children under 4. )
  2. Enjoy!- Put a ration system in place to avoid any sugar comas, but still allow your kiddos to enjoy their candy loot after trick-o-treating.

Drive Safely

  • Watch Out- Be extra careful when driving around when kids are out for Halloween. It’s an exciting time so they may run out without thinking. Take extra time at intersections and drive slower.

More Resources-

I hope you all have a “Boo!” filled Halloween. Have fun and stay safe!


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