Of Home Runs and Motherhood

Hello!! Life has come full circle and here I am again at home on the blog. I’ve missed you all. Since my last blog posts I had a baby girl, making our family a party of five.

Five is such a great number. It feels weird to me that at one point I only thought I wanted two kids. That being said three is the magic number, and now that baby Winnie is already 8 months old I will be coming back to the blog and social in a real intentional way.

History of the Baseball Cap

Now to jump into it I am happy to write my first post back about something very relevant and fashion related. Baseball caps! (aka a mothers best friend) With the World Series ending, it had me thinking about not only the practicality of baseball caps, but also the origins of the hat style. Lets delve in shall we?

The ancestor to the modern day baseball cap was alive and kicking in the 1860’s. Known as the “Brooklyn – Style” cap, it made it’s debut worn by the baseball team the “Brooklyn Excelsiors“. This style was widely popular by the 1900’s. The next redesign of the cap was in the 1940’s when latex rubber became the stiff material in the hat brim. This 1940’s cap is the closest to the modern baseball cap of today. There are many different variations of the baseball cap and I encourage you to read this article if you would like to be further versed in the subject. That concludes our history lesson and now onto to the meat and potatoes of my post.

Why are Baseball Caps a Mom’s Best Friend?

Oh this is an easy one. I will give it to you in some simple bullet points…

  • They’re easy
  • They hide bad hair days
  • They put together an athletic fashion look
  • They provide face protection from the sun

With that said, I would like to share some of my favorite looks featuring my all time favorite baseball caps. Fox Rain ones of course!! These are a newer edition to our Fox Rain Baby brand. The brand has launched not only toddler and kid sized baseball caps, but adult ones too! The embroidery is vibrant and gorgeous. Plus the pastel and tie dye cap options give way to endless styling options. Yes Please! My go to is the pastel mint cap. It goes with almost anything. I am featuring my favorite brands local to Philadelphia and Houston (ya know…because of the World Series and all).

Shop the Local Brands

Minnow Lane (Philadelphia)

Buddha Babe (Philadelphia)

Paty Inc (Houston)

Fox Rain Baby

In honor of all things baseball we will be offering 20% off our hats through November! Shop the full hat collection Here!

See you all in my next post! Keep chasing those sunshowers

❤ Mika

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