How to Disguise Wholesome Foods for your Picky Toddler

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Your lovely little baby is eating purees like a champ, when BAM! They are over everything you have been feeding them.

When my son turned 10 months old he was over all the combinations of pureed fruits and veggies we had created for him. By the time he turned 1 he was getting increasingly more picky. I lost track of how many times we gave him scrambled eggs, plain yogurt, and peanut butter because it was literally all he would eat. I was desperate to find a way to work some fruit and veggies back into his diet.

Luckily I was able to find some solutions, and I am going to share them for all you weary parents out there. The baby food struggle is real. I gotchu!

Fruit pouches

Plum Organics fruit pouches
Reusable pouches sold on Amazon by Wee Sprout

These are amazing and I should have tried them earlier. I was worried that my son didn’t know how to suck on a straw, and then I had a “duh!” moment. If he didn’t understand how to do that, what had he been practicing the first year of his life breastfeeding and drinking a bottle? Once he figured out that food came out he was like “Score!” It was a new way to eat fruit and that was exciting for him. I love the Plum Organics brand for a non refrigerated option. I mostly use the reusable pouches I purchased on amazon and make my own blends. You can find them here: Wee Sprout Reusable Pouches. I have even started to make veggie purees in the pouches, which he also loves.

Green Smoothie Pancakes

As soon as I saw this Pinterest recipe, I was like “Where have you been all my life?!” I often make an extra batch for my husband and I because they are so good. We have also experimented with adding blueberries in which is amazing too! Find the recipe here. These raspberry banana muffins are pretty bomb too. Get the recipe here.

Stay Resilient.

Love, Mandee “Mika”

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