Podcast Ep.4- What Do You REALLY Need? Baby Necessities for the Minimalist Mom

Reading all the Pinterest lists that state some number followed by “Things you really need for your baby,” can be both redundant and exhausting. I lost track of how many lists I read and how half of them would contradict each other.

Today I will be talking about the bare necessities you need for your new baby- (And if you’re anything like me, you just started humming the song from the Jungle Book). 

So pull up a seat all you moms to be, and even you seasoned vets, there may be some new insight I can give you on products that I have tried and some new recommendations. 

All of the products that I am going to talk about RBP is not affiliated with. These are the products that I had to spend my own money on, so their reviews are solely based on actual use. 

Link to blog post with product URL’s: 


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