Podcast Ep.8- Family Nutrition made Simple

On This Episode-

On this episode we welcome back our first Mom of the MonthGina Murawski! Gina is quite a renaissance woman when it comes to talents and specialties, plus one of them happens to be nutrition. What a coincidence! I knew that she needed to come onto the podcast when I was gearing up to record this episode.

Gina and I talk about simplifying your nutrition goals for your family, living with Celiac disease, meal planning, and having a positive mom mindset. So grab your cup of morning caffeine and join us for some discussion and laughter.

Links from the Episode:

Follow Jennifer Anderson, MSPH, RDN @kids.eat.in.color on Insta

Follow Gina @gmurawski78 & @rooted_nutrition_wellness

Another big thank you to Gina for coming on the podcast!

Stay Resilient ❤ Mika

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