Podcast Ep.15 – Moving with Kids

Today we will be talking all about moving long distance with kids (and a pet). This can be quite an undertaking so I wanted to share my experience moving from Boston to Miami this summer. The good the bad… and the ugly. Grab your beverage of choice and be prepared for a candid (and sometimes sassy) account of my moving experience.

The Resilient Moms podcast is officially back! I am so excited to bring you all some fresh new content with my new experiences as a mom of two! I hope this new episode can help parents who are planning a move with kiddos.


How do I set my family up for success? with Nellie Harden Resilient Mom Podcast

In this episode of the Resilient Mom Podcast we are welcoming special guest Nellie Harden of the 6570 Family Project. Join Nellie and I as we talk about, “How you can build an unshakable foundation within your family to set your children up for success throughout their lives.” Parenting is tough territory and we all want to give our children the tools to be able to navigate their lives while being confident and comfortable in who they are. This is a great episode for parents that are thirsting for that knowledge. Grab a cup of coffee lets have a chat! 
  1. How do I set my family up for success? with Nellie Harden
  2. Living with IBS in Pregnancy and Motherhood
  3. How Do I Get to the Core of Postpartum Fitness?
  4. Moving with Kids
  5. Maternity Styling Review

Listen on Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/show/resilient-podcast

❤ Mika

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