Podcast Ep.15 – Moving with Kids

Today we will be talking all about moving long distance with kids (and a pet). This can be quite an undertaking so I wanted to share my experience moving from Boston to Miami this summer. The good the bad… and the ugly. Grab your beverage of choice and be prepared for a candid (and sometimes sassy) account of my moving experience.

The Resilient Moms podcast is officially back! I am so excited to bring you all some fresh new content with my new experiences as a mom of two! I hope this new episode can help parents who are planning a move with kiddos.


What Do I Need to Know as a New Parent? Resilient Mom Podcast

Today I will be exploring the internets' most frequently asked questions from new parents or soon to be new parents. As I have had 3 children, I thought it might be fun and helpful to weigh in on these. Come along as I lend a few thoughts along the way. You got this mama!
  1. What Do I Need to Know as a New Parent?
  2. Help! There are too Many Toys!
  3. How do I set my family up for success? with Nellie Harden
  4. Living with IBS in Pregnancy and Motherhood
  5. How Do I Get to the Core of Postpartum Fitness?

Listen on Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.com/show/resilient-podcast

❤ Mika

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