How Do I Get to the Core of Postpartum Fitness?

Say hello to season 2 of the Resilient Moms Podcast! Today we are going to talk to Tonie Lough from Mom Home Fitness about her Ebook and postpartum workout program. Together with Tonie we will cover topics ranging from posture, pelvic floor strength and self care. Postpartum fitness has always been a passionate topic for me, but I am not a certified trainer. So this opportunity to have Tonie from Mom Home Fitness was a perfect match up. Get that coffee ready and enjoy some “you” time mama….You deserve it!

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How do I set my family up for success? with Nellie Harden Resilient Mom Podcast

In this episode of the Resilient Mom Podcast we are welcoming special guest Nellie Harden of the 6570 Family Project. Join Nellie and I as we talk about, “How you can build an unshakable foundation within your family to set your children up for success throughout their lives.” Parenting is tough territory and we all want to give our children the tools to be able to navigate their lives while being confident and comfortable in who they are. This is a great episode for parents that are thirsting for that knowledge. Grab a cup of coffee lets have a chat! 
  1. How do I set my family up for success? with Nellie Harden
  2. Living with IBS in Pregnancy and Motherhood
  3. How Do I Get to the Core of Postpartum Fitness?
  4. Moving with Kids
  5. Maternity Styling Review

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About Tonie:

After a traumatic running experience that left Tonie with a feeling of being
betrayed by her body, she began her path to becoming a personal trainer. As she trained women she heard more and more stories of similar experiences. At Mom Home Fitness we work to address some of the conditions that can linger after pregnancy. We focus on specific exercises, and timing of those exercises, to retrain our natural system of core strength and bladder control. With the release of the new eBook (and videos!) “Getting to the Core of Postpartum Fitness” she hopes to make these exercises accessible to any mom with the same issues!

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