Podcast Ep.9- Postpartum and Mental Health

Today we’re going to talk about some deep stuff so buckle in and get ready! I had the pleasure of having the lovely Shanyah Wright as my special guest to talk about mental health and postpartum.

About Shanyah

Shanyah has been in the mental health and wellness field for over ten years, specializing in family therapy. She is focused on community based work and is an advocate for mental wellness and healing in the Black community. Shanyah and I have known each other for a longggg time…I’m talking high school long. It was such a pleasure to have her on the podcast to talk about mental struggles and depression in motherhood.

Listen to the Podcast

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You can follow Shanyah on social media as well as on her blog Minds & Cranes. Links below:

Thanks for listening! Be You. Be Resilient.

❤ Mika

One thought on “Podcast Ep.9- Postpartum and Mental Health

  1. This was an awesome cast that is so realistic to most black women. It was well explained and I hope it reaches the people who may need the support. Peace, Blessings and Love Aunt Sinida

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