September Mom of the Month- Vi

Vi and her family

Hello September! The new month has rolled in here in New England with whispers of apple picking and cider doughnuts. Even if you don’t live in the top half of the country, I’m sure you are feeling the fall vibes too. Saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet this year. With travel plans cancelled, summer hasn’t really felt complete for me. Maybe that’s why I am ready to turn over a new leaf (…unintentional lame joke 😅) and get this fall party started!

I can think of no better way to do that then to introduce you all to our September Mom of the Month! This month we are traveling back to the good old northeast to celebrate Vi and her family.

Birthday fun with Vi , Ed and their two children.

About Vi

She and Ed live in Pennsylvania.  Together they have 2 children, a son Edward Jr who is 14 months old and they recently welcomed their daughter Evienne who is just 3 months old!

Vi works as a software engineer and has been in her line of work for 6 years with a degree in finance.  She loves baking and in her spare time, which isn’t plentiful these days, she really enjoys making French macarons.  Birthday cakes for her kiddos and for Ed’s brother Edwin are desserts she also likes to create.  One of their favorite family routines is a weekly shopping trip to Target.  They find the best deals on their essentials (diapers and formula) there.  

Their family traditions are focused around food and travel. The family accompanies Ed and his father (grandpa) on their work trips every year. Her son, Edward Jr visited Rome at 4 months old last year prior to the pandemic.  Ed’s mother (grandma) is an amazing cook and she creates traditional festive meals for the whole family during holidays like Chinese New Year and Moon Festival.      


Q: Throughout this pandemic, what have you learned about yourself as a mother that you didn’t know before?

A: Baby nap time is the new happy hour. I didn’t know that I needed a few hours/day away from them to focus on work and relax. Though I always miss them when I go to work, as a mother I do need some time for myself too.  

Q: Has there been an activity or a product that has kept you sane during quarantine?

A: Workouts and taking walks with the family. Trying to stay healthy both physically and mentally has been helpful.

 Q: Is there a special characteristic about one or both of your children that is really unique? 

A: Edward Jr is very curious about everything. He doesn’t like to play with the toys that long. He mostly spends time playing with the dishwasher, laundry machines to see how they work. Evienne is only 4 months old but she loves talking and interacting with people. 

Q: Are there any cultural traditions that are important for you to pass on to your children?

A: Probably all the festival traditions like Chinese new year, and Full moon festival in fall. That’s when we spend time with the family to appreciate what we have, just like Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Q: Is there a tip or product you have used to get your children to establish a good sleeping schedule at night?

A: Edward Jr hasn’t been sleeping through the night until recently. He has been more active and tires himself out for bed. Evienne is much better sleeping being swaddled.

Q: What is your favorite fall fashion item?

A: Cardigan!

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world where would you go, and why?

A: A different country every few months. If I could move anywhere that easily, I would love to experience a new lifestyle everywhere. 

Q: Coffee or sweets? Which would you give up, and which would you keep? 

A: Both. But if I have to, I would give up coffee. I love sweets and baking too much to trade for coffee.

Thank you Vi for taking the time to share your motherhood journey with us!


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