About Fox Rain

When I was little, I spent hours in my rural Pennsylvania back yard letting my imagination run free – creating fairy kingdoms out of gardens and mighty castles out of trees. Those experiences are the inspiration for my new collection Fox Rain.

Fox Rain invites a playful creativity for little ones to explore.

The Journey

Fox Rain is to me like receiving a letter from an old friend you haven’t heard from in ages. It’s a full circle back to my creative and artistic roots, and a chance to act on new found inspiration from watching my son grow, explore, and use his imagination just like I did at his age. I am thrilled to be able to introduce a line that is full of life and light.

This collection is a tribute to nature and the beautiful spaces our minds can create when we become more in tune with our surroundings.

The History

The collection name is inspired by Korean folktales of sun showers, called “Yeumbi,” which roughly translates to “Fox Rain.” I have long been a fan of eastern cultures, specifically Korean and Japanese history.

Our family was traveling through a sun shower and I mused that we were in a fox rain, and from that the inspiration for this collection was an idea I couldn’t get out of my mind.  

Chungi the Fox

I welcome you the the world of Fox Rain and our lead character “Chungi” the fox. He is inspired by our adorable rescue cat by the same name. Chungi is curious, pensive, and always loves napping.


All designs are created from my original sketches drawn by hand. We will also be introducing limited quantity handmade baby goods as part of the product line. (coming soon)

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