Summer Pregnancy Tips- How to Beat the Heat

Summer pregnancy can be amazing despite the scorching temperatures and all those “fun” hormone fluctuations. You just need to know how to stay cool and enjoy some modified activities. I am super pumped to share some practical tips for all you mamas-to-be!

Being pregnant during the summer months in New England seemed like a great idea when my husband and I first started planning for our second child, but there are a lot of factors to be aware of to maintain a safe pregnancy in the summer heat. My first son was a spring baby, so I was pregnant with him for the fall and winder seasons in Boston. This time around I really wanted to have my second child during the colder months, because taking a newborn outside in the summer was next to impossible as a first time mom. I am excited to see how this pregnancy experience will be during the opposite seasons.

Tips for staying cool

  • Stay inside when you can

We forget how powerful the sun and humidity can be. Make sure you are limiting your outside time when temperatures are high. Try to get errands done earlier in the day before temperatures spike.

  • Drink all the Water!

Hydration is so important during your pregnancy. You should be drinking more water (suggested 10 glasses a day from all sources) and that increases even more when the weather is hot. Sip flat soda or juices without added sugars if water is making you feel nauseous. Just keep the fluids coming!

Mika Tip: I like to dilute my juice and lemonade with water so I still get the taste of juice, but also get more water intake.

  • Spray bottles are your best friend

One of the best ways to stay cool in the summer is to carry a spray bottle of water around with you to keep your skin cool. My 2 year old also loves to be sprayed with the water when we’re out on a hot day.

  • Sip a smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to get fruits and veggies in your diet when you don’t feel like eating much. Add some chia seeds and a scoop of protein for extra nutrients! My go to fruits have been bananas, mango, and raspberries. Ripe bananas are a natural way to add sweetness to your smoothies, no need for sugar or agave. Yum!!

  • Sunscreen- Sunscreen- Sunscreen

Sunscreen is always important. It doesn’t matter if you tan well or if your rarely burn. The UV rays are harmful for everyone and you shouldn’t got out in the sun without sun protection. The recommended SPF is 30. Anything lower than that isn’t doing enough to protect you. Stay in the shade whenever you can. If you’re at the beach make sure to bring a sun hat and a tent or umbrella for more shade.

Tent we use for baby naps and breastfeeding on the beach
The umbrella we use on the beach- attaches right to your chair!

Why it’s Great to be Pregnant in the Summer

  • Fresh Fruit and Veggies!

You have easy access to fresh fruits and veggies in the summertime. Take advantage of all those nutrients! This season, my husband and I really committed to urban farming on our little balcony. Haha! It has quickly gotten out of control. We have successfully grown lettuce, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, and watermelon in large pots on our porch. Don’t let city living stop you from using your green thumb. Check out some local farmers markets or farm shares in your area. Fresh herbs are also easy to grow and window sill friendly.

  • Some sunshine is good

Soak up those vitamins from the sun for shortened periods of time. It’s a great natural way to stay healthy. Just don’t overdo it.

  • Vacations

Summer time is a great time to travel and relax. Make sure you have modified your plans to keep you healthy and safe during your pregnancy. Then enjoy the time to relax and have fun!

  • Outdoor Activities

There are so many options for outdoor actives in the summer. Check out some hiking trails, local parks, or something near the water. Social distancing is still very relevant and needs to be practiced, so it’s best to find a wide open park with some good shade to enjoy the day. Make sure you bring your face mask and hand sanitizer!

What to Wear

  • Watch your color palette

Light colors absorb less sunlight and will keep you cooler. Find a great pastel wardrobe palette for your pregnancy style…Then work it mama!

  • Let it flow

Flowy tops and skirts are great for a breezy feel to keep you cooler in the heat. Fabric that is tight against your skin will increase your body’s need to sweat. Yuck!

  • Breathable fabrics

Natural fibers make the best breathable fabrics. Try to stick to cotton, linen, and silk blends to stay cooler.

My favorite linen tees I wear year after year: Banana RepublicGapMajestic Filatures

Ask for Help!

You will get tired quicker and you need to be more aware of your body when you’re pregnant, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. Take frequent breaks!

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