Free Activity Book for Toddlers

Hey there! Like most of the world I am adjusting to a very different daily schedule. With my son’s daycare closed while Covid-19 runs it’s course, I have been struggling to find the resources I need to provide him with enriching activities at home. Adjusting to our “New Normal” My family lives in Boston, soContinue reading “Free Activity Book for Toddlers”

Spring Decor Printable

Lighten up your decor with some free spring printouts. It’s a simple face lift for a weary winter home. Just download the file, print and cut out the images, then pop them in your favorite frame.

September Mom of the Month

The crisp air has made a move here in New England and we are already breaking out the denim Jackets. As summer gives a wave goodbye, we’re giving a warm greeting to our September Mom of the Month. With it being the big “Back to School” month, I wanted to feature Special Education Compliance Teacher,Continue reading “September Mom of the Month”

Podcast Ep. 3- How to Find Safe Skincare for Your Baby

In this episode we talk about baby skin care and all things paraben and dye free. We will also share a few things you didn’t even think about. Additional Resources for all natural baby skincare: Free products and samples for soon to be moms: For an in depth directory of cruelty-freeContinue reading “Podcast Ep. 3- How to Find Safe Skincare for Your Baby”

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