Early Fall Toy Review- Which are the Best?

Toys can feel like the bane of our mom existence. I am constantly worried about if I have enough toys to keep Dante busy, followed by worrying that we have bought too many toys to fit in our apartment. It becomes a viscous cycle. I have been focusing my efforts to purchase a good balanceContinue reading “Early Fall Toy Review- Which are the Best?”

Is “Made in China” Safe?

Today I wanted to share with you some resources, tips, and research around the question that is always dominating online search engines, “Are Toys Made in China Safe?”  So, this is a loaded question that would take hours to fully unpack. I am going to give you a concise rundown of my research and personalContinue reading “Is “Made in China” Safe?”

Podcast Ep.1- Resilient Baby Products Origin Story

Hi! Welcome to our first episode of the Resilient Podcast. In this episode I introduce my story and the origins of my company Resilient Baby Products. Thanks for joining and I hope you have a great day.  BE YOU. BE RESILIENT.  -Mika

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