The 5 Shows that got me Through Breastfeeding

With countless blog posts about how to make breastfeeding your newborn easier, I decided to bring you lighter content. I wanted to share the 5 TV shows that I binge watched during the first 4 months of breastfeeding my son. We spent countless hours on the couch as I nursed him. He wanted to eat all of the time and often fell asleep at the boob.

I’ve shared before that he was colic and had re-flux, so the minute I laid him down in the crib (even after we purchased a crib wedge) he would scream. He hated being swaddled and wanted to be held at all times, So I adapted to baby wearing, and letting him sleep on my chest because it comforted him. With a newborn that loving and trusting bond is what matters the most.

I had many friends share with me that they would knit or read while they nursed, but in my sleep deprived state I decided to turn on ye olde faithful Netflix.

Here are my top 5 shows to binge watch while breastfeeding your newborn.

  1. New Girl- (2011)

This was suggested to me by a friend and I absolutely loved it. My husband loved it too. The show follows 4 roommates living in a loft and their quirky relate able personalities as they form an unlikely family bond.

2. Frasier- (1993)

Talk about nostalgic. I used to watch this show with my parents, and I loved it even more watching it this time around. It’s a very binge able show about a snooty but love-able radio psychologist who moved from Boston to Seattle.

3. Golden Girls-  (1985)

Golden Girls is a classic. If you’ve never seen this one you are missing everything. I used to watch this show with my Gammy all the time, so it reminds me of her. The show is about 4 older single women that live together in a house in Miami, Florida. I still aspire to be as witty as Bea Arthur when I’m a grandma.

4. Project Runway- First aired 2004

I watched seasons 6-16 this time around, but I do remember the first seasons from watching them in college. My roommates would all gather around in our Virginia apartment and watch the new episode every week. We were gluttons for punishment, because we were already living a similar life as fashion design students. Whether you have a fashion background or not I think it is worth watching to see what the contestants can create. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear all of Tim Gunn’s commentary? He is a fan favorite.

5. Voltron: Legendary Defender (Netflix Original) 2016

I am a huge anime fan, so naturally I had to give this Netflix original a try. I was sucked right into the story line. It seems Gundam-esque which I like. The story revolves around students from an academy that become pilots of giant mecha (robots), and are sucked into an intergalactic war. The creators did a nice job of casting a wide net for their audience.

There it is! My list of the top 5 shows that got me through the first months of breastfeeding my amazing little boy. These shows were great for actively watching as well as letting them play in the background so I could get a few zzzzz’s.

Thank you!


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