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Free Download – Toddler Workbook

Hey there! Like most of the world I am adjusting to a very different daily schedule. With my son’s daycare closed while Covid-19 runs it’s course, I have been struggling to find the resources I need to provide him with enriching activities at home.

Adjusting to our “New Normal”

My family lives in Boston, so wide open space is hard to find. With all of the stay at home and social distancing orders, our two bedroom apartment feels smaller than ever. City living is tough right now and I have been brainstorming resources to create that will ease the load on my fellow parents.

The Home School Bandwagon

I wrestled with posting this blog post or not because I feel like too many people have been jumping on the home school resource “bandwagon.” It’s made me feel weary reading all of the posts and social media. In the end I decided… The more the merrier! We love options as parents and if it’s free, even better!

I created this free 10 page workbook that features lovable woodland creatures from my apparel line Fox Rain. I hope you enjoy doing these toddler activities with your kiddos as much as I enjoyed creating them. 🥰

Download Here

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Be Informed

Stay up to date with all the news on Covid-19 here:

Be Serious

Please stay safe and take this seriously. A HUGE thank you to everyone working on the front lines of this pandemic. Our prayers are with you and your families. Now is the time for us to be kind brothers and sisters. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Be You. Be Kind. Be Resilient.


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