Traveling with a Baby

These are not affiliate links. These are products that we found on our own and love.

My husband and I just got back from traveling to visit family for our sons first birthday. Long car rides and flying can be tricky with a baby, so I wanted to share a bit of my experience.

Here are the items I can’t travel without. Cross county or cross country, these baby items are a must.

  1. White Noise Machine:

This has been a life saver for my family. We live in a small city apartment where there is a lot of outside noise. Our most recent trip was a 6 hour drive that we did overnight. The white noise machine was perfect to play next to Dante’s car seat to help him sleep. It comes with battery and USB capability which is great to plug into the car.

2. Travel Size Necessities:

Full sized products are a pain because they take up too much space. You also have to think about airplane regulations for liquids. I always have travel sized bottles for baby wash and lotion to save space. Check them out below:

3. Finger Food Snacks:

We love these snacks for traveling (Mostly Dante, but us too). They are healthy baby snacks that don’t require refrigeration, which makes them perfect for packing. Here are two of my favorites:

4. Soft and Travel Ready Baby Carrier:

I go everywhere with our Resilient ring sling (I’m not joking…literally everywhere). Soft carriers that are free from multiple buckles and excess hardware are the only way to travel. The ring sling works great for every occasion from dressing for special events to exploring a new place. It can roll up into your purse for easy accessibility on an airplane and it is comfortable enough for your baby to drift off to sleep in if you are confronted with a major meltdown (I feel you mamas, I have been there more times than I can count). Nursing is easy too – it doubles as a nursing cover!

5. Sensory Toys:

Toys that are multipurpose and compact are ideal for travel and entertainment. They will also keep your baby entertained with different textures and surfaces. Here are two that I have used while traveling with my son.

Safe Travels,

<3 Mika

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